One of our favorite discoveries lately is contemporary vocalist and producer Ep!K’s sophomore album The Onset Of Agnosthesia, a sonic treat consisting of 10 tracks that bridges various genres, from electronica to Alt-R&B and Hip-Hop.

Dancing By Myself,” one of the most addictive songs from this new collection in which the artist talks in depth about the feeling of loneliness, was released prior to the album, and generated a lot of excitement before the LP finally dropped a few weeks ago. 

Mastering several instruments, from the piano, to guitar, drums, and saxophone, Ep!K’s ultimate purpose as an artist is to share his talent with the world.

“Art is its own world, and creatives like myself are born into it, meaning my purpose in life is to use my gift for myself and others. I use music as a portal into my mind and world, and I also use it as a telephone to speak to those with whom I have experienced something. My music intends to perceive the world from my personal perspective and how it relates to you as the listener” says Ep!K. 

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