DJ Akademiks has responded to a new lawsuit accusing him of rape and defamation by calling the move a shakedown.

DJ Akademiks Speaks on New Rape Lawsuit

On Tuesday (May 14), hours after news broke that the popular streamer is being sued by a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by DJ Akademiks and his associates, Akademiks went live on Rumble to speak his peace.

“I’m not even hiding and ducking from a situation or ducking from the narrative that happened,” Ak said in the video below. “I pretty much told everything and also I told the truth. The police came, they looked, we gave them everything. Pretty much everything is documented, caught on videotape. They got to see it with their own two eyes. We’re officially clear, we could not bring any criminal charges. [I] are not criminally liable but also anybody else in the situation was also cleared.”

Ak went on to claim there are ulterior motives behind the lawsuit other than justice.

“That’s a fact, but this is a civil situation brewing,” he added. “It is a shakedown. This is a money tree situation.”

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Details of DJ Akademiks Rape Lawsuit

On Monday (May 13), Fauziya Abashe filed a lawsuit against Ak, born Livingston Allen, in New Jersey Superior Court. The lawsuit accused the streamer of rape and defamation. Abashe alleges she was assaulted multiple times at the internet personality’s home, first by two men who drugged her, and then by Akademiks himself in July of 2022.

She remained quiet about the incident until last December when Ak claimed the woman voluntarily engaged in a threesome with the two John Does. Abashe then released a video clapping back at the claims. Now, she has decided to take it up with the court.

In a comment released to XXL, Abashe noted, “I’m confident that justice will prevail and the veil will be removed so no other woman will have to endure what I did.”

Abashe’s attorney Tyrone Blackburn has also released a statement to XXL, which reads: “Litigation is always the last resort. After several unsuccessful attempts to resolve this case privately, Ms Abashe was left with no choice but to file. Mr. Allen’s hubris will be his downfall.”

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See DJ Akademiks speaking on the new rape and defamation lawsuit filed against him below.

Watch DJ Akademiks Talk About His New Rape Lawsuit

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