RaaShaun “DJ Envy” Casey became a Twitter trending topic this week after his wife, Gia Casey, admitted her husband never made her reach orgasm during a decade of their relationship. While Envy had his own public relations issues, he still took the time to address the ongoing 50 Cent vs Benzino feud.

50 Cent recently decided to place his attention on the rumors about Benzino allegedly dating transgender actress/model Shauna Brooks. Benzino then threatened to sue the G-Unit leader for supposedly fueling speculation that he is attracted to trans women.

“I got a whole lawyer team,” said Benzino during an interview with It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper. “I got a whole firm that’s getting ready to sting n##### in their a#######… Everybody that defamed me and slandered me is getting ready to get sued.”

TMZ caught up with DJ Envy and Gia Casey in New York City. A cameraperson for the outlet asked The Breakfast Club radio show co-host about Benzino’s supposed plans to file a defamation of character lawsuit against 50 Cent.

“I don’t know what he would sue 50 for. I mean, 50’s my brother and I think everybody knows that, but I don’t know why [Benzino] would sue. What is he suing 50 for?” asked DJ Envy.

The 44-year-old media personality added, “I don’t know what [Benzino’s] love life is or his sex life is, but if it was public, I don’t think you can sue somebody. I think that would be kinda difficult. Don’t you? I think so. But I don’t know. You could sue anybody for anything in today’s age. But I mean, good luck.”

DJ Envy also told TMZ he did not have an answer for 50 Cent’s recent online attack against Jay-Z. However, the Hampton University graduate did state, “When I say [50 Cent is] my brother, you know when you’re brother can’t do nothing wrong? He can’t do nothing wrong in my book.”

Both DJ Envy and 50 Cent are Queens natives who came up in New York City’s Hip Hop scene around the same time in the late 1990s/early 2000s. This week saw 50 promote the Caseys’ Real Life, Real Love book on his Instagram page. The @50cent IG account has over 27 million followers.

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