This is the full-length debut from Baltimore emcee SK da King. Emerging as a member of the Checkered Flag Boyz under the original moniker Paul Skola, it wasn’t until a couple years ago where he signed to Conway the Machine’s very own EMPIRE Distribution imprint Drumwork Music Group as a solo act as announced by his debut single “Actions” & would go on to introduce himself to the Drumwork fanbase that fall in the form of the debut EP Horus. But coming fresh off last September’s prelude tape Before the Album, da King is returning to make it clear to everyone that he was simply Made 4 This rap shit.

“Rick Flare Flow” is a dirty boom bap opener referring himself to be a heavyweight & comparing his flow to that of amongst the greatest wrestlers to ever step in the ring Ric Flair whereas the title track gives off a more somber trap vibe talking about being destined to take over the music game. “Where I’m From” featuring Izm400 works in a hazy loop & some hi-hats so the pair can discuss their respective backgrounds, but then “Show Me” has a more triumphant tone to it wanting to know exactly how he’s like these other motherfuckers.

Meanwhile, we have Ejwarwick coming into the picture for “This Side” experimenting with Latin trap talking about the specific side they don’t fuck around with just before he sticks around on “Earn Ya Stripes” following the “P.O.M.E.” skit so both of them can return to the boom bap calling out those who ain’t ever do shit in their lives. “Solid” featuring Heavygold has a somewhat dramatic feel to it talking about being on top leading into Izm400 returning with Mandriq for “The Kitchen” to ruggedly spit that dope shit.

“When It’s Over” experiments with a more Carribean sound trying to get some Ms as well as leaving a legacy when it’s all said it & done while “Nervous” featuring Tony Bosco goes back into trap territory to address the elephant in the room that nobody shining like they are. The song “Came from Nothin’” blends some hi-hats & chipmunk soul talking about not having shit while the penultimate track “Been Thru” weaves in some keys unbottling his mental stresses. “God Willin’” on the other hand closes the album with a churchy beat talking about coming from hard living.

Now I didn’t get the chance to cover Before the Album last fall but considering how much I enjoyed Horus, I was eager to hear how much SK’s grown both artistically & personally Made 4 This. So if you’re enjoying the Drumwork takeover that’s been going on for the past few months, he’s definitely playing his part in applying pressure. The production choices are gradually improving & da King takes his hunger to a whole nother level.

Score: 7/10