(AllHipHop News) Future continues to play games with the woman that claims to be his baby mother, Eliza.

As much as he says that he wants her out of his life, Future repeated drags his feet on doing the one thing that could possibly get rid of her.

The Atlanta rapper still has not taken a paternity test for Eliza Reign’s almost one-year-old daughter.

Eliza Reign and Future have spent the better part of the winter in court over what whether or not he is the father to this little girl.

As pampers pile up and the Similac bills come in, the “Gucci Flip-Flops” emcee lounges in Beverly Hills neglecting to obey a court order to have DNA testing.

Eliza Reign wants the courts to sanction him for basically dipping and dodging.

In court documents, Eliza again blasts the rapper for being tricky with his word and not defiantly prolonging a case that he claims he wants ended.

Eliza claims the latest round of paperwork was "filed in order to exert pressure upon the Defendant to coerce her to dismiss or accept an unfavorable settlement in her paternity” case.

Not only is he ducking the Maury test, he is according to her suit, “also refusing to provide any substantive financial disclosure in violation of numerous court orders, and in fact, has never paid a penny of support towards his 11-month-old daughter.”

This is not the first time this blonde-loc'd sex bandit has failed to win “Man of the Year.”

Earlier this year, Cindy Parker went through the same tomfoolery but her nightmare ended when she withdrew her case and settled out of court.