Emerald M., a remarkably talented singer-songwriter, is captivating the world with her latest release, “I Could’ve Died.” Unlike the reflections of her Burmese roots, her pen dives deep into the raw, unfiltered experiences that color her world. Drawing inspiration from the immediate universe, her lyrical prowess lends a voice to the unspoken tales that lurk in the corners of our existence. 

“I Could’ve Died” was conceived in solitude, amidst the cold grip of COVID-19. A testament to Emerald’s resilience, the song unravels a narrative woven from the intense emotions and reflections birthed in isolation. The absence of her cultural echoes becomes a potent presence, a silent anthem that magnifies the universality of her stories. 

The journey from “Never Mine” to this new release is a transit between diverse emotional landscapes. While the debut single explored an obsessive, toxic affection, “I Could’ve Died” emerges as a beacon of hope, illuminating paths through our darkest alleys. It’s a song that resonates, not just in melody, but in the silent spaces where pain and hope coalesce. 

Emerald invokes a symphony of raw emotions, amplified by her adeptness in instruments, though she opts for simplicity in this piece. Produced by William Lucey, the song’s emotional fabric is untouched, reflecting the realness that defines every note. 

“I Could’ve Died” is an intimate revelation, a bridge between the tremors of distress and the tranquil shores of hope. It underscores the potent yet enigmatic connection between the protagonist and their savior, a balance of the romantic and platonic. This piece is a silent echo of our shared human experience – fractured, yet beautifully whole.

Listen to “I Could’ve Died” here:

Watch the lyric video below: