(AllHipHop News) The lawyer who handed Damon Dash a huge loss in court earlier this week had some strong words for the rap mogul after his recent victory.

Attorney Christopher Brown won a $300,000 judgment for his client, author Edwyna Brooks.

“Damon Dash has proved to be what he claims he hates… a Culture Vulture," Christopher Brown snapped. "Damon Dash took African-American created content, used it for his benefit and left the owner of the film carrying the bag. Damon Dash paid for nothing but claimed to own the film. Its pure fantasy and the court saw through his lies. We will now engage in the process of collecting the judgment of $300,000.00. We want every penny and I mean every penny.”

Brooks took Damon to court for allegedly stealing the film adaptation of her four-part book series, "Mafietta."

“Damon Dash claims to help African-American women while stealing from me and my family. He stole my dream and took my ‘Mafietta’ brand as his own without consent or any credit to me, its creator. In my opinion, Damon Dash has shown himself to be a walking, talking contradiction of everything he preaches," Edwyna Brooks told AllHipHop.com in a statement.

Edwyna Brooks testified that she met Damon Dash after she plunked down $50 to attend one of his Poppington seminars in Albemarle, North Carolina back in 2015.

Brooks offered Damon 50% to direct the movie and bring in celebrities, but their working relationship fell apart shortly before the production of the movie started.

"He preyed on my desire to produce films and abused almost everyone involved in its production," Edwyna Brooks fumed. "However, I refuse to have my name added to Dash’s list of victims. Instead, I will continue to write and create content despite Damon’s efforts to capitalize on my project and stifle my dream.”

An agreement was never signed between Brooks and Dash, who started promoting the finished film as his own via his Instagram page in 2017. Then he started streaming "Mafietta" on his subscription service, as well as iTunes.

In the end, Judge Jed Rakoff ruled in favor of Edwyna Brooks and awarded her $300,000 in damages – far less than the $1.5 million Christopher Brown was asking for.

Now, Damon has two more lawsuits to go against Christopher Brown, who is 1 for 3 in his battle against the rap mogul, who claims the legal eagle is nothing but a culture vulture.

Damon is still fighting Monique Bunn, who is asking a judge for $52 million over an alleged groping and the theft of her photos, as well as Josh Webber, who is seeking at least $8 million from Damon over the movie "Dear Frank/The List."

"This is round one. I have other clients that have filed claims against Damon Dash about the manner in which he does business and engages in personal matters. Buyer beware when it comes to Damon Dash," Christopher Brown said.