The Game has tagged himself in to hip-hop’s 2024 Royal Rumble by dissing Rick Ross on a new song. But the question is, why?

The Game is back in the headlines after inexplicably going in on Rick Ross via the new song “Freeway’s Revenge” on Friday (May 10).

“You 12 lemon pepper wings from a heart attack/Akademiks, get this n***a Ozempic starter pack/Kai Cenat, hit the room, turn that stream on/Ask Budden ’bout his brief encounter with King Kong/This ain’t the Kendrick beef, my Drac’ sing songs/Shots rings out, the neighbor better have his Ring on,” The Game raps on the track, which can be heard below.

While he spends the duration of the track dissing Rozay, there are no bars that directly address the motivation behind the song. The title appears to reference retaliation for Rick Ross winning a lawsuit with former Los Angeles drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross, who sued the rapper over the use of the name in 2013. Others believe Game is taking up for Drake who is currently beefing with Rozay. Sans a solid reason for the beef, people have been coming to their own conclusions on social media.

“The Game dropping a Rick Ross diss track while this Drake vs Kendrick is going on is…. Random af! Like … how we get here at this moment?!!” one X user tweeted.

“Don’t know why he entered that beef,” one person commented on Facebook. “Maybe to recognized again ….don’t understand……and I like da game …I don’t know.”

“That’s what The Game does best, injects himself into other people’s beefs and then gaslights us into thinking that he’s still relevant,” another comment reads.

“Because he realized in this whole beef situation that next to Drake, Rick Ross is the least-liked rapper in the whole situation, and also the smallest (in numbers, not physical form),” someone else wrote. “So he’s using Rick Ross as a way to get clout without having to risk his career by dissing Kendrick.”

Game began taunting Ross out of nowhere earlier this week on Instagram before finally releasing his new song on Friday. “I be the fat n***as with skinny legs always running they mouth,” Game wrote on his Instagram Story on Monday (May 7). “It’s quiet today Wingstop must be closed on Mondays.”

Listen to The Game’s “Freeway’s Revenge” and read fans’ reactions below.

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