(AllHipHop News) 

Rap star Offset has been dragged into Saweetie and Quavo’s very public breakup.

Earlier today (March 19th), Saweetie took to Twitter to admit she called it quits with Quavo because he had been unfaithful during their two-year relationship.

Twitter immediately exploded, calling on Offset to offer up some sort of advice to his Migos brethren.

Offset, who married Cardi B and 2017, was on the brink of losing his wife In December of 2018, for cheating. Offset managed to save his marriage a second time in November of 2020, after Cardi B filed for divorce.

So fans are hoping offset may be able to step in to offer up Quavo some tips on how to get Saweetie back. Judging from own Saweetie’s tweets, she’s already over Quavo so it may be hopeless at this point.