Get ya popcorn ready!  From the visionary mind of multi-hyphenate Westside Gunn (who also makes a cameo in the short film), ADOLF (portrayed by Rome Streetz), chronicles a few life-altering days of a back-against-the-wall hustler who is short on funds; and just as importantly—time. 

From “The A” (Atlanta) to Alabama and back again, at its core, ADOLF, is an immersive examination of desperation, vicious cycles, temptation, and ultimate betrayal, and is brought to you by the same team (Westside Gunn, AK Reed & Duece King)  who brought Griselda’s first foray into film, Conflicted, to life.

ADOLF is a short film that is relatable to anyone living the street life” Westside Gunn asserts.  “After you watch it, you’ll further realize that money is the root of all evil.”

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