Rick Ross admitted his past as a correctional officer in a 2012 interview after previously denying the rumors for years.  

Rick Ross has been busy living his best boss life in recent times, indulging in his love of classic cars with his recent car show – even copping a tank for the occasion – and building a zoo at his Promised Land palatial estate. He recently purchased a “big boy” cow for the zoo and even revealed he’s adding a couple of lions.  

However, it appears that not everybody is happy with Rick Ross’s recent acquisitions or how he flaunts them for the gram. Gillie Da Kid aired out feelings about Rozay during a recent episode of his podcast.  

“These old n#####, they don’t hear the roar of the crowd no more and they still think the world gonna come back,” Gillie said, referring to Rick Ross. “So they be on Instagram and they be on social media doing dumb s###. ‘I just bought a cow,’ Gillie said, mocking Ross’s voice. “Why the f### would you buy a cow?” he questioned.  

The MMG boss added the cow to his zoo back in February and promptly took to Instagram to show it off.  

Although he took exception to the cow, that’s not where Gillie’s real beef with Rozay lies. His problem is that Rick Ross was a corrections officer before beginning his career as a rapper.  

“You know I was gonna bake you n####. I see you in them comments. You know I was gonna bake your goofy ass. The f### wrong with you? Don’t ever comment on nothing about me, n####. When you used to be a C.O. n####. When you used to lock n##### like Wallo in a cell,” he added before continuing to mock Rick Ross for buying a cow. Check out the clip below.  

Gillie Talks Rick Ross Past As A C.O.

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Rick Ross confirmed his corrections officer past in a 2012 interview, as reported by AllHipHop