Bodycam footage of GloRilla being arrested yesterday in Georgia has surfaced. And, yes, the the reports are true. The rapper accidentally exposed her breast to the arresting police officer.

GloRilla Accidently Bares Breast During Arrest

Early Wednesday morning (April 17), GloRilla was arrested for DUI following a traffic stop in Gwinnett County, Ga. On Thursday (April 18), TMZ obtained video of the incident, which shows things getting R-rated for a moment. In the video, which can be seen below, a female officer approaches the Memphis rapper’s car after pulling her over for making an illegal U-turn. The officer tells Glo she can smell the alcohol on her breath and the scent of marijuana in the car. Glo denies she is drunk when asked if she’s been drinking.

The officer eventually asks Glo to exit the vehicle for a field sobriety test. While standing in the street, one of the rapper’s breasts comes from under her bikini top and is exposed to the officer, who informs her of the nip slip.

“Ma’am, your…umm. Cover up,” the officer says.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Glo responds.

After refusing to take the field sobriety test, Glo is handcuffed and taken into custody. She was charged with DUI and released on a $1,956 bond the same day.

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GloRilla’s First Viral Nip Slip

This isn’t GloRilla’s first viral nip slip. Back in March, she was on Instagram Live when her boob popped out. She later addressed the wardrobe malfunction on IG Live.

“Let me tell ya somethin’. Stop acting like y’all are so muthaf**kin’ amazed by a nipple,” Glo said. “Baby, ain’t it s**t but a nipple.”

“Calm down. Please calm down,” she added.

GloRilla Drops New Mixtape

Big Glo is coming off a celebratory moment, having released her new mixtape Ehhhthang, Ehhhthang on April 5. She is also coming off her highest charting solo single “Yeah Glo!,” which peaked at No. 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Glo is prepping to open up for Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girls Summer Tour, which begins in May.

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See the footage of GloRilla being arrested near Atlanta for DUI below.

Watch Bodycam Footage of GloRilla’s Recent Arrest

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