February 24, 2023

This is the 6th EP from Chicago veteran Vic Spencer. Throughout the past decade or so, he’s made up a lengthy solo discography for himself with highlights including the Big Ghost Ltd.-produced The Ghost of Living to the SonnyJim-produced Spencer for Higher trilogy. Last time we heard from Vic was over the fall when he dropped the Stu Bangas-produced I.M.P.a.C.T. (I Must Punch a Car Today) & here we are 3 months later with him enlisting 38 Spesh behind the boards so Greenthumbs can meet Trigger Fingers.

“Fireproof” is a jazzy opener about how he’s gotten better with age whereas “Chicago Heights” with The Musalini takes a more funkier yet orchestral approach as both MCs get boastful on the lyrical front. “Match Made in Heaven” has a more solemn approach sonically asking what you do with the same 24 hours as him prior to the lavish “Summertime Crimes” talking about doing a lot of shit on his own. The song “Wisemind” with Rome Streetz has a more mystical beat as they touch on their wisdom while the penultimate track “Hog Tied” over an organ-laced instrumental cashing out on broke rappers. “Hard to Get” with Rasheed Chappell is a groovy closer talking about hitting them drums in the slums like blues percussion.

I.M.P.a.C.T. (I Must Punch a Car Today) wound up being my favorite project that Vic dropped last year & Greenthumbs Meets Trigger Fingers is on par if not superior in my personal opinion. The performances from the features are a bit more consistent than they were on the last EP, but that doesn’t stop Spesh’s production & Vic’s lyricism gelling as well as they do with one another.

Score: 8/10