Riot for Romance the American rock band that has been pushing the boundaries of post-punk, alternative rock, and shoegaze with their unique sound, is composed of three friends who reside in different parts of the country. Consisting of Jason Hansen (vocals, guitars, keys); Brett Miotti (bass); and Kelly Nunn (drums/guitars), the group had last shared “Karma Police,” a cover of Radiohead’s OK Computer single.

Lately, the band members revealed in an interview that they still reside in different parts of the country. It’s impressive how they manage to brainstorm and coordinate together despite the distance. For Riot for Romance, technology has come a long way in making the process of music creation easier, while still capturing quality sounds. 

Drummer/guitarist Kelly Nunn, who runs his own studio called Sound Source Studios, helps engineer the final sounds and prepares rehearsal tracks for the band to practice while they tour. The band members also attribute their success in creating music together to their long-standing friendship, with each member contributing their unique perspective to the songwriting process. 

They balance each other out and respect each person’s contributions. While it’s an uncommon situation to be in, Riot for Romance has found its own formula to make things work. The band is currently writing a new album and promises to release a few of the tracks from the record as singles, which are likely to come out in the coming months.

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