If you’re familiar with i.am.orange (if you’re not, seriously, what are you waiting for? Go check the crazy dude!) you know his signature melodies that are impossible to confuse with any other sound. Recently he released a new mind-blowing piece named ‘Any Worze’ that honestly, couldn’t get any better. And guess what? All of that slightly blurred vocals, guitar plucks wrapped around synaptic synthesizers filled with mystery and magic are back. Still, yet again i.am.orange manages to step up his own explosively insane game of sound and delivers unexpectedly relentless major-key melodies. He never stops to surprise. 

The subject, execution, melodic drive: everything is otherworldly, making ‘Any Worze’ irresistible.  With this track, the artist reached a level of freedom never conquered before. He fully drowned deep in his social experiments shaping the pop-indie hymns, manifesting the victory of unsettling, creepy yet aesthetically pleasing artistic individualism.  

The unique vibe comes even from the artist’s name and the story he puts behind it. He was born as Spencer Kumdis, who later reincarnated into the mysterious artistic persona i.am.orange. The mystery surrounding the artist is probably behind the reason for his music, reflecting the human journey like no one else’s.

 ‘Any Worze’ is a poetic flow of mysticism floating from a slow burn into an uncontrollable sincerity of explosions and trapezoidal sonic constructions. It is the manifestation of freedom in an alternative indie insanity.