Ice Cube is the wrong person to mess with. The West Coast icon recently clashed with a fan over his new partnership with Elon Musk‘s X platform.

Ice Cube Claps Back at Fan About Partnership With Elon Musk

Last Wednesday (March 20), Ice Cube hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to formally announce that BIG3, his popular 3-on-3 professional basketball league, will launch its seventh season on June 15. Days later, fans began posting questions to Cube about his basketball league.

Last Thursday (March 22), a fan asked Ice Cube on X, why his league is not streaming on the Rumble channel, to which he replied, “Cause we’re on X…better ask somebody.”

This prompted another X user, @UltimateRapLife, to question Cube’s business decision to partner with X owner Elon Musk.

“Love and respect Cube but his alignment with a white supremest is all we need to know. I get it money matters so do you my guy. Just keep it 100 and don’t Trojan horse for them. White Supremacy is who you are and represent. Enjoy!!” the fan wrote in his post, which can be viewed below.

Cube caught wind of the fan’s critique and delivered an angry response.

“Shut yo b***h a** up! I ain’t aligned with nothing, punk. I draw my own f**kin lines,” he fired back.

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Don’t Call Ice Cube a “G.O.A.T”

This isn’t the first time Ice Cube had to get snippy with fans.

Last September, Cube had to correct a fan on X who wanted to salute him by calling him the G.O.A.T., an acronym given to athletes, musicians and public figures who achieve great stature in their respective fields.

But the rap veteran wasn’t feeling the fan’s honorary gesture.

“For those who thinks it flatters me, please don’t call me a f**king goat. Carry-on,” Cube wrote in his post, which can be viewed below.

Cube later clarified: “Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the respect but don’t call me that.”

Ice Cube doesn’t want to be called a G.O.A.T.



Ice Cube doesn’t want to be called a G.O.A.T.



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See Ice Cube clapping back at a fan for questioning Cube’s partnership with Elon Musk below.

Read Ice Cube’s Response to a Fan Who Was Not Happy With Him Partnering With Elon Musk

Ice Cube clashes with fan who accused him of aligning himself with “White supremacist” after announcing partnership with Elon Musk’s X platform.

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