(AllHipHop News) 

After gambling on the wrong candidate, rap-tivist Ice Cube has reconnected with his team to expand his Contract with Black America.

The new version will include plans to give opportunities for “Black American women and Sports Industry.”

According to a press release, the man that use to exclaim that he was “Rollin’ with Da Lench Mob,” is working with attorneys and ADOS activists, Kamilah Moore and Maureen Simmons to flush out language in the proposal that will address… “the many concerns facing Black American women. Black American women are met with unique challenges due to the enslavement and mistreatment of their ancestors.” 

 In the section featured under the line item called, The Sports Industry Economic Development Plan – CWBA Sports Initiative, they have detailed how the federal government can pass laws that will help eradicate race and gender-based discrimination while assisting professionals and college students wanting to explore sports and a career choice. 

The aim is to have leagues and elected officials create opportunities to compete in spaces where they are often left out. Other things the contract is asking for President Biden to work with Cube on are as follows:

   – Provide transparent, inclusive, and achievable partnership guidelines for black local vendor suppliers.

– Guidelines requiring black-owned businesses to be included as part of the awarding of National events to cities/states.

– Identify local organizations or community groups to support the conclusion of the sporting events.

– Inclusion of Black-owned concessions food services for stadium/arena and practice facilities.

  – Inclusion of Black-owned food services and or Chefs for suite services.    

– Inclusion of black-owned equipment manufacturers, data/technologies companies, video support companies, medical and training companies, and medical and training specialists.

– Sponsorship opportunities to include Black-owned businesses.    

– Utilization of Black-owned marketing, branding, and advertising agencies.

– Minimum percentage of ad spending to be done with Black-owned Media.    

– Expand beyond the front-of-camera media talent by engagement of Black-owned companies or individuals involved in game production and traffic, directors, media production, graphics, and development.   


– Allocate funds from League or NGB investment and/or pension accounts in a manner that ensures a minimum established percentage of each type of investment goes to Black Investment Banking/Money Management Firms, Black-owned banks, and Private Equity earmarked for Black businesses.    

– Provisions for accessible ticketing and auxiliary fan engagement events to include local organizations in host cities.

– Innovation Hubs – focused on STEM, business development, and technologies with sports implications.

– Youth Programming, fields, and equipment development investment. Need to address barriers to entry in “pay-to-play” systems that limit Black participation.

It is important to note Ice Cube has made his third (or fourth) career in professional sports entertainment.

Also important to note is that this expanded plan, as it is presented, seeks to work with Black American women. This distinction is similar rhetoric of the ADOS community that advocates for American descendants of slaves and not all people of the African diaspora. 

The group has the disclaimer that says, “ADOS is a lineage, a burgeoning organization, and a political movement. We are fighting to secure reparations for our group, American Descendants of Slavery, while at the same time advocating for a Black Agenda that will benefit all Black Americans. And while our movement consists of dozens of chapters and hundreds of volunteer community activists nationwide whose political work is unapologetically specific to Black Americans.”