Three West Coast rap legends are teaming up to produce a brand new animated series.

According to Deadline, Ice-T and NWA founding members Arabian Prince and Dr. Dre will link to make “Death For Hire: The Origin of Tehk City.”

The project will be both a graphic novel through Z2 Comic and animated series and has been created by Ice-T, Arabian Prince, and artist Tommy The Animator. Dr. Dre will make an original score for the work.

There are plans to expand it from the series into music, toys, and NFTs.

To make the project pop, the producers have enlisted the following people to do voiceover work on the cartoon.

In addition to Ice-T, who is a notable actor, having starred in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” for 22 seasons as the character who has the distinction of being the fourth-longest running prime-time live-action character of all time, he has cast his wife Coco, Snoop Dogg, Tracy Morgan, Busta Rhymes, Mike Epps, Treach, Arabian Prince, Peter Scanavino, Roxanne Shanté, Ben Baller, Styles P, Tone Trump, Emilio Rivera, Tommy The Animator and Shannon Eric Denton to appear on the show.

Deadline breaks down the synopsis this way: “Crooked Mayor Chuck Davis (Ice-T), his deadly female assassin Rhonda Knuckles (Coco), and right-hand-man Maniac Max (Treach) must navigate the savage law of the street. With his hands occupied with everything from money laundering to hired hits, Davis tries to stay one step ahead of the competition in the Round Table Gang—Benny Tang (Ben Baller), Azul Michoacan (Emilio Rivera), and Vinny “Pipes” Roselli—who have controlled the black market undercurrent of Tehk City for years.”

“But information comes at a price, especially when purchased by Pretty Black (Snoop Dogg), whose black market network feeds him intelligence from the furthest reaches of Tehk City,” the publication adds.

“Davis and his crew will soon learn that grabbing power from the top dog can take you sky high or drag you to the grave,” it reads.

Will you be tuning in?