Jay-Z rarely hops on Twitter, but when he does, the Hip-Hop world listens, and Wednesday evening was no exception after Hov shared some details about how he recorded his ‘God Did” verse.  

Earlier this week, during a filmed conversation with Rob Markman and Frazier Tharpe II, Young Guru, Hov’s long-time engineer, explained the Roc Nation boss spit his verse in one take. “[Jay-Z] walked in… he’s spitting the verse to me. One take.” 

However, Jay-Z said that wasn’t exactly how it went down and clarified how it came together during a Wednesday night (Aug. 31) Twitter Spaces chat with DJ Khaled, Lenny S, and Rob Markman.  

While Jay-Z was waiting for Khaled to send the “God Did” instrumental, Guru fashioned a makeshift track for him to practice on.  

“So while we was waiting for you to send the beat, we was just playing the [loop] inside the control room; so I was going through it a couple times,” Jay-Z explained. “I was just rapping over like, any part, it kept looping and drops was happening in the wrong place.” 

“I think I sent it to you like that, right?” Khaled said to Jay-Z. “Hov rapped over the hook, breaks — ’cause Guru was waiting for me to send the instrumental,” he explained. “When you sent it back, I was like, ‘This man rapping over the hook.’”  

Jay-Z continued: “So I cheated a couple times before I went in the booth, I was playing it in the control room; so when I went in the booth it was pretty much a done deal.”  Listen to the conversation below.

Jay-Z & DJ Khaled Discuss “God Did”

Earlier on Wednesday, LeBron James shared a segment of MSNBC’s ‘The Beat With Ari Melber,’ where Melber analyzed Jay-Z’s “God Did” verse to examine America’s war on drugs.  

“Listen! Then listen again to make sure you got the point. HOV DID!!!! And so did the reporter! 🐐 TALK,” LeBron penned. 

LeBron James
Listen! Then listen again to make sure you got the point. HOV DID!!!! And so did the reporter! 🐐 TALK https://t.co/ni8vSyjOAY


3:13 PM · Aug 31, 2022

“My only goal is to make the real “ones” feel seen,” Hov replied. “forgive me that’s my passion talking ….. haa ,” Jay-Z added, quoting a line from “God Did.” 

Mr. Carter
My only goal is to make the real “ones” feel seen , forgive me that’s my passion talking ….. haa . https://t.co/yRzFlyie3f


5:31 PM · Aug 31, 2022