Joe Budden has delivered another controversial take. On his latest podcast episode, Joe proclaimed that the female rap wave is over in response to Cardi B‘s new song.

Joe Budden Says Girl Rap Wave Is Over

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, titled “Zombie Biker Ladies From Princeton,” which premiered on Sunday (March 3), Joe Budden offered his thoughts on the current state of female rap following the release of Cardi B’s latest single, “Like What (Freestyle).” According to the controversial podcaster, “the girl rap wave is over.”

“Y’all ain’t gonna want to hear it from me, but the girl rapper wave is over,” Joe attested at the 1:12-mark in the video below. “Just telling you what it is. I’m normally a few months ahead with this stuff, sometimes a few years ahead with this stuff. The girl rapper wave is finito.”

Joe Budden believes there are some artists who will continue to shine, but he feels record labels are no longer willing to invest in female rappers.

“The cream rises to the top, so Latto shall remain; Flo Milli shall remain; Rapsody will always be there, but she wasn’t really a part of [that scene],” he explained. “But all of that, ‘Go find a girl, send her to Columbia, get it done, put her in the studio with f**king Mike WiLL [Made-It] or any one of them n***as… all that planting the girl in the scene, getting the record and it taking off—that wave is over.”

Joe added: “I think labels are looking at it like, ‘Very few of y’all are selling records, it’s too much work to get your coin back, we got to go do brand deals all over the world with y’all, y’all are expensive, some of y’all are annoying,’ and none of these records are working.”

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Joe Budden Believes Cardi B Is Scared to Drop Her New Album

Budden then switched gears and talked about Cardi B’s new song. The retired rap veteran was not impressed with the single, and accused the Bronx rhymer of being scared to release her second album given the long delay of six years since the release of her debut project, Invasion of Privacy.

“Now let me get to Cardi B. Cardi B is afraid and I’m tired of just nobody saying it,” Joe said. “Cardi B is scared to come out, it don’t take this long to come out.”

Cardi has expressed her anxiety over releasing her second album. But on Friday (March 1), the Grammy Award-winning rhymer promised her fans that she will drop her project in 2024 no matter what.

“I promise y’all this year, I’m not letting my anxiety, I’m not letting what haters say, I’m not letting what fans say. If I do a song, I’m just gon’ f**king drop it,” Cardi said. “Well, I have no choice because I’m dropping my album this year. So, stay tuned for the announcement. But, don’t play with me.”

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Watch Joe Budden proclaim that the female rap wave is over below.

Watch Joe Budden Proclaim That the Girl Rap Wave Is Over

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