Maryland emcee/producer K.A.A.N. back with his 10th EP. Getting his start in 2014, he would make a name for himself in the underground with an ever-growing discography like the Dem Jointz-produced Black Blood, the Ski Beatz-produced Requiem for a Dream Deferred, the Big Ghost Ltd.-produced All Praise is DueMission Hillz or more recently The Death of a Rapper with former Strange Music in-house producer Mike “Seven” Summers on hip hop’s 50th birthday over the summer & was more conceptual than some of K.A.A.N.’s latest output. So keeping in mind that Seven was sticking around for The Nightly News, it was enough have me sold in checking out.

The title track eerily sets the tone of what’s to come by chaotically painting the disparity that local news stations generally bring to those who tune in whereas “The Results of What Unfolds” goes into boom bap territory talking about being unable to believe what K.A.A.N. had witnessed. “The Weather Forecast” shows off a speedier flow predicting lots of clouds over pianos, kicks & snares just before “The War Room” gives off a jazzier flare instrumental coming live from a command center”.

“The Less Fortunate” is a more somber cut to start the 2nd half of the EP describing those who’re poor & struggling to make ends meet leading into “The World Health Report” bringing a quirkier beat the fold so Knowledge Above All Nonsense can talk about symptoms of health declining. “The Free Labor” continues to push towards the end of The Nightly News by returning to the boom bap reminding us what built our country, but then “The Debt Ceiling” closes the EP talking about money making the world go round over more kicks & snares with elements of jazz music too.

K.A.A.N. got back on the conceptual tip near perfectly over the summer with Seven & they both recapture that same magic. The Nightly News obviously poking fun at evening news shows excellently & Seven carrying that versatile boom bap production from The Death of a Rapper on it’s way over to here. Will easily become one of the best EPs he’s ever made.

Score: 9/10