Kaalan Walker has been found guilty of multiple rapes commited between 2013 and late 2018. 

According to reports, the “Superfly” actor sobbed in court as he was found guilty of raping six women and sexually assaulting another in court in Los Angeles on Monday (Apr. 18). Three of the rape victims are said to be 16-year-old-aspiring models. The jury delivered a split decision after a six-week trial.  

He was acquitted of other charges, including two of forcible rape, related to three of the ten victims in the case. Prosecutors say a total of more than 30 women made assault claims against Kaalan Walker. He has denied the allegations against him. 

“I didn’t rape anybody, your honor. I did not rape anybody,” Walker said as he was taken from court in handcuffs. His legal team immediately vowed to appeal the decision.  

Kaalan Walker was called a “serial rapist” by the prosecution last week. They claimed he used Drake’s name and his own status as a minor celebrity to appeal to his victims.  

“We feel that with this verdict, the jury gave these victims back their voices,” Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace told Rolling Stone. “This was very sophisticated. He picked these girls and he appealed to their dreams and hopes and name-dropped Drake and used his connection to Halle Berry to get these girls somewhere and gain their trust. Once they were there, it wasn’t about doing photo shoots, it was about assaulting them.”  

Walker faces up to 100 years to life when he returns for sentencing.