Kevin Hart has reflected on reaching a place in his personal life where he has awareness of his “monsters.”


During an interview for the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast, the “Central Intelligence” star discussed how he has done a lot of work on himself in recent years and is now okay with accepting the man he sees when he looks “in the mirror.”

“My monsters have been masked in disguise in various different ways but I’ve been able to pinpoint them throughout the years because some of those monsters got stronger… developed. You’re talking about the world of an ego,” he said. “The idea of who you think you are versus what you are or the idea of expectations and needs as to what you feel you need and what you have to have.

“That’s a monster that’s feeding that engine of, well, now that I’m making money, this is what I should have, this is how I should look, this is how I’m supposed to be. That’s a monster that you’re feeding because ultimately you’re buying in.”

Kevin has set out the idea in his new self-help audiobook, “Monsters and How to Tame Them: Taking Charge of the Voices in Your Head.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the comedian claimed that becoming a celebrity offers a “bigger” high than any drug.

“The biggest drug. It’s not cocaine, it’s not heroin, it’s fame. Anything you want, everything you want, it’s a thing,” the 43-year-old continued. “And if you can’t handle this thing, the consequences attached are severe. Do you know you? And are you OK with you? If you are not, it’ll break you.”