Lil Wayne is totally shocked to find out that Juvenile announced there is a Hot Boys reunion album in the works.

Lil Wayne Unaware of Hot Boys Comeback Album

On June 27, Lil Wayne was a guest on Not Just Football With Cam Heyward, NFL defensive lineman Cam Heyward’s podcast. During the interview, which can be seen below, Tune is asked about the Hot Boys reunion album that was recently confirmed by Juvie.

“Sh*t, you just told me. When they coming?” Wayne questioned at the 18:50 mark of the interview below. “When them boys coming? I need to go check it out. I would love to see that.”

Wayne went on to say he had not recorded any verses for the project but is willing to. “I ain’t been to the kitchen yet,” he added. “I have no problem going to that kitchen and making myself comfortable in there. But nah, I ain’t smell it. It ain’t come through the window yet…I’ma go to the kitchen if it come through the window. But nah, they ain’t told me nothing yet.”

While he did not have an update on the new Hot Boys album, he did reveal that his upcoming album Tha Carter VI is done.

“All I’m doing now is editing it,” Wayne revealed, “because I have so many songs.”

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Juvenile Confirms Hot Boys Album Is on the Way

Back in May, Juvenile confirmed a new Hot Boys album is in the works. The group, which was made up of Cash Money artists Lil Wayne, Juvie, B.G. and Turk, released three albums, Get It How U Live (1997), Guerilla Warfare (1999) and Let ’Em Burn (2003).

“Hot Boys is back together, man,” Juvie said on Instagram Live. “What you talkin’ about put the Hot Boys back together? Show y’all ain’t keeping up with sh*t. Turk gonna be with me tonight, I’m gonna be with B.G. next week. Me, Wayne, Turk, and B.G., all of us gonna be on stage in New Orleans with Mannie Fresh and Birdman. And we already done started working on a Hot Boys album. Any other f**king questions? Keep on askin’ put the Hot Boys together. Have some f**kin’ patience.”

It looks like someone forgot to send a memo to Wayne.

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Check out Lil Wayne talking about the Hot Boys reunion album below.

Watch Lil Wayne on Not Just Football With Cam Heyward

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