Praise be to a rare gem emerging within the underground hip-hop scene. Manco Wilder, a mysterious MC, recently dropped his latest album, There Is No Sunrise Yet To Comewith producer Pasquale.

The unknown rapper picks up where he left off on his impressive debut album, The Phantom of the Corner Store. Decked with climatic beats, Wilder goes apesh*t with distinctive flows delivered in a ferocious tone. Without question, Manco Wilder is here to bury MCs putting out wack sh*t. He dissects a motley of emotions with bars sharp like daggers on each album cut. The raw wisdom magnifies hip-hop’s therapeutic power while solidifying Wilder as a beast on the microphone.

His world-class raps collide with featured companeros like ElCaminoEddie KaineSauce Heist, and many more. The collaborative joints feel like an all-out blitz as underground hip-hop heavyweights shell out raps that could make a sucka MC burn his notepad. Wilder’s gritty, thematic style makes There Is No Sunrise Yet To Come sound like a film score with rhythmic depictions that illuminate like Saint John Flames. Enough said, press play to hear this underground classic.