(AllHipHop News) Percy Miller, the man we have come to love and respect as Master P, is a different type of rap mogul.

If you didn’t know that by now than your head has had to be stuck in the ground for the last three decades.

The original No Limit Soldier has conquered every industry from the music game, Hollywood, fashion, food & beverage and real estate.

But what continues to give him the most pride is his charitable giving. Those efforts, even more than the aforementioned ventures speaks to how he prides himself as a family man and a person of good character.

His latest move is a manifestation of both.

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic that is ravishing the entire world, and specifically holding hostage the rapper’s hometown New Orleans, he has opened his heart and wallet to make sure that people are protected and safe.

How Sway?

According to TMZ, P will offer to do a total disinfect of the homes of anyone 60 years old and over and leave them with 2 types of hand sanitizer (bottle with a keychain and a spray) for them to keep in ward off disease and infections.

“My thing is people forget the elderly in the community,” he tells the tabloid. “My foundation Team Hope NOLA we are here to help people in the community.”

He also has been buying groceries for seniors.

The “Make ‘Em Say’ rapper sees NO as his family, and this great philanthropic expenditure speaks to this multi-millionaire’s character.

He could be flossing and bossing, hanging out on The ‘Gram and hiding in his luxurious sanctuary, like so many others.

Instead, he is putting his money where his heart is and asking people to pitch in and do their part.

One way, is by donating financially to Team Hope NOLA, so that they can continue to do the groundwork needed to heal the Big Easy. Donations can be made here: http://teamhopefoundation.org/