Mick Jagger has named Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly as two new rockers keeping the genre alive.

In an interview with Swedish radio station P4, the Rolling Stones frontman said he had hope for contemporary rock as the two stars are breathing new life into the genre.

“In rock music you need energy, and there have not been a lot of new rock singers around. Now there are a few,” Mick Jagger explained. “You have Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly. That kind of post-punk vibe makes me think there is still a bit of life in rock and roll.”

Mick Jagger also dismissed rumors that his forthcoming tour with the Rolling Stones would be his last.

“I am not planning it to be the last tour. I love being on tour. I don’t think I would do it if I did not enjoy it,” he said. “I enjoy going out there on stage and doing my stuff. That is what I do. I want everyone to enjoy themselves and forget the troubles in their lives for a couple of hours and just chill out and have a great afternoon and evening.”

The band’s Sixty tour is scheduled to take place in Europe across June and July.