The legacy of deceased rapper Young Dolph has been disrespected by haters of the famous artist, leaving many fans and relatives of the slain chart-topper furious.

On the evening of July 21st, a partially finished mural commissioned by Dolph’s family and the Ida Mae Foundation was defaced in South Memphis.

The mural seemed to give people some peace.

Surveillance footage captured two people throwing paint on the mural of Young Dolph, and people were upset.

Phatboi Flying High
Young dolph mural ruined a week before his bday when it was scheduled to be completed and revealed 😤 Damn did make this shit 👀 to easy seriously ..cause niggas really hate dude 🥲 let that mane family /fans grieve his success . the hate for dude should’ve died with him 🙏🏾 RIP


12:00 PM · Jul 22, 2022

Young Dolph's Mural by Cameron Hill vandalized with graffiti in S. Memphis

The jealous sorry creatures that Murdered Young Dolph & Sorry creatures that vandalized Young Dolph's Mural are creatures that contribute Nothing positive in life. They're Miserable creatures to be pitied


1:02 AM · Jul 22, 2022

According to ABC 24, Cameron Hill, the artist who has spent the past four months on the mural, says he knows precisely who vandalized the project.

He wrote on Facebook, “I have been harassed and also threatened for the last two or three days for trying to do something for the foundation and to make the community look better.

“I have been getting calls and texts from different numbers from people trying to plot on me. They have been sending people up there to try to intimidate me and spy on me,” Hill said about the Thursday evening event.

Hill promised the vandalism would not stop him from completing the objective for Young Dolph. The bombing of the mural came days before the artist’s birthday in the upcoming week.

As reported by, Young Dolph, whose real name was Adolph Thornton Jr., was murdered in front of the Makeda Cookie Bakery on Airways Boulevard in November of 2021.

Four suspects have been arrested for the murder. They appeared before a judge earlier this month, and one suspect has a bond hearing today. 

However, on Friday, May 27th, Judge Lee Coffee told the artist’s family that it might be years before justice will be handed over to them, as the case might not go to trial until 2023.

Coffee said, “This case is probably going to be in this court for a while. It takes a while for first-degree murder cases to be at a point where they can be tried.”

The story is developing.