Paradime is a 48 year old MC, producer, DJ & hype man from Detroit, Michigan who was discovered by Kid Rock in 1996 signing to Bobby’s very own Top Dog Records. He eventually made his full-length debut few years later with Paragraphs, but the sophomore effort Vices in the fall of 2001 would go on to become his most celebrated body of work yet. Following 11 Steps Down & Spill at Will however, Dime would mainly take a step back from music & is returning after 16 years by signing to Mello Music Group for his 5th album.

After the “Porch” intro, the title track sets the tone of what’s to come with a piano-heavy instrumental from Pig Pen & DJ Los on the wheels of steel flexing his penmanship whereas the self-produced “It’s Ok” works in a gospel-flip talking about how he used to hit a 5th a day praying for the IRS to go away. “Same Planet” ruggedly discusses being on the same plane as these other cats with the help of Middle Finger Music in-house producer Peace of Mind just before “Annie” is a cloudy boom bap tribute to his daughter laced by Chanes.

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“This High” featuring A-Minus works in some lavish keys, kicks & snares courtesy of Apollo Brown calling out those who didn’t think they could take it as high as they could leading into “Heart on Tape” blends some acoustics & hi-hats coming from a more emotional place with his delivery. “Diahubeetus” is a woodwind-trap hybrid produced by Charlie Beans taking about diabetes with a speedy flow of course, but then “Wolf of Greys” featuring Marv Won & Ty Farris finds the trio over a soul sample getting on their hardcore shit.

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Meanwhile, “September 22nd” tackles the significance of this day to him on top of a dreamy trap instrumental while “Resurrection of Lemmy” returns to the boom bap thanks to Middle Finger co-founder Foul Mouth being able to see through all the cap that comes towards his way while “Could Be” is a groovy rap rock jam with Marv Won behind the boards reflecting on when he used to tell them he knew life would be this good & that he feels like he truthfully didn’t in the grand scheme of things.

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“Folded Hands” hooks up these pianos, keys & snares talking about having questions that need to be answered up until “The Trap” interlude brings back the hi-hats to switch up his flow a bit. “Rock a Bye” featuring Guilty Simpson dives back into boom bap turf getting on murk mode while “Dumb” comes through with a club banger produced by Eminem’s current hype man mR. pOrTeR from prior D12 fame. The penultimate track “Phlegm” featuring production & verse from Copywrite hooks up a sample with kicks & snares continuing to bring it hardcore, but “Make My Way” is a heartfelt closer about having to do exactly that.

After setting his solo career aside to treat music strictly as a profession previously having no plans to ever rap again, what mattered more was cultivating a strong family & a thriving DJ, production & songwriting career. However, he’s back after 16 years like he never left with a lot to say. The production balances some old sounds with some new in a healthy dosage & Dime’s just rapping like getting sucker-punched in the nose by a fist.

Score: 9/10