(AllHipHop News) 

Rapper Queen Latifah just received her first coronavirus vaccine dose and is encouraging others to take the step toward helping control the deadly sickness.

On Tuesday night at the public Essex County COVID Vaccination Center, a day after filming on the set of her hit CBS show “The Equalizer,” the Newark native expressed why she is decided to get the shot. 

“Every time I go to work, I feel like I’m responsible for hundreds of peoples’ lives,” the “Ladies First” trailblazer said.

“That’s why I’m here, and maybe something people out there are thinking about,” she said.

“We hear a lot of things in the media,” Queen Latifah said. “they’re frightening but to see someone in a hospital on a ventilator is much more frightening than what’s going to happen getting a shot in the arm that’s here to help our bodies fight this thing.”

Mayor Ras Baraka, who many consider Hip-Hop’s mayor, noted that since there have been over 900 people from the city who have died from the coronavirus, that having an effective roll-out was important. 

And it seems that they are on to a good start.

His city has administered 7,997 total doses which totals a third of Essex County. There is still work to do considering that there are over 280,000 people in the largest city in New Jersey.

Queen Latifah has to stay healthy, especially since her show “The Equalizer” has been picked up for another season.