This is the 9th EP from Jersey City wordsmith Ransom. Coming up as 1/2 of the short-lived duo A-Team alongside Hitchcock, he branched out on his own in 2008 following their disbandment beginning with his 2008 full-length debut Street Cinema & the Statik Selektah-produced sophomore effort The Proposal. But it’s been safe to say these last couple years have been his biggest so far whether it be the 5 EPs that he put out produced by Nicholas Craven& his last EP 7 based around the 7 deadly sins or his previous album Heavy’s the Headproduced by Big Ghost Ltd., the Rome Streetz collab album Coup de Grâce, or even his last couple albums Chaos is My Ladderor Director’s Cut 4. Now that the latter finally made it to DSPs earlier this month despite being released limitedly in May, it’s only right for Ran & Nicholas to whip up a Deleted Scenes sequel.

“American Made” opens the EP with a heavy soul sample talking about motherfuckers using their brains for the dumbest antics whereas “Arrival” takes the chipmunk soul route speaks on turning his messes into messages, considering that to be his arrival to the top of the game. The track “Body of Lies” blends some victorious horns & background vocals discussing a hustler’s remorse while the final song “Homefront” officially ties up the EP on a bluesier note talking about time being too precious to fall back. We’re then treated to a remix of “Deliver Us from Evil” from the previous Deleted Scenesthat’s on par with the original.

Craven & Ran have never missed whenever they connect for a body of work as DC4further exemplified a couple months ago. Here we are at the end of July & they did it again with what I believe is amongst the strongest EPs that 2023 had given us. There ain’t no one like Ransom lyrically & Nicholas’ production is rooted in his signature drumless/chipmunk soul sound that we’ve all come to know & love. Basically the underground Nas & Hit-Boy right now.

Score: 9/10