Red Bull BC One announced the 2022 schedule for its U.S. regional cyphers and All Star Tour.

Regional qualifiers for the breaking competition will begin in Philadelphia on July 23. A panel of breakers from each region will pick the winners who advance to the Red Bull BC One National Final in Los Angeles.

“As a breaker with a year and a half of experience, it was surreal to win a Red Bull cypher and it allowed me to recognize my potential and skills,” Las Vegas qualifier Jeyna Ponce said in a press release. “Both events introduced me to a supportive community that has helped me grow my knowledge and expertise. I look forward to showcasing my love for this dance while representing my crew Battle Born, my city Las Vegas and the females of breaking.”

The Red Bull BC One All Stars, which includes some of the world’s top breakers, will embark on their tour in August. Each stop will feature workshops, panels and exhibition battles.

“I’m excited to get back on the road and reconnect with the b-boys and b-girls bringing break to new heights,” Red Bull BC One All Star Ronnie Abaldonado said. “With breaking making its way to the 2024 Paris Games, mentorship takes on an important role. As the community expands and competition levels rise, this is the moment to inspire the next generation while ensuring the strong foundation of heritage.”

Check out the schedule for the regional cyphers and All Star Tour below. Find more information about Red Bull BC One here.

U.S. Cyphers:
East Cypher [Philadelphia, PA]: Saturday, July 23, Cherry Street Pier
South Cypher [Austin, TX]: Saturday, August 6, ACL Live
Southeast Cypher [Orlando, FL]: Saturday, August 13, Celine Orlando
Northeast Cypher [Boston, MA]: Saturday, August 20, The Sinclair
Northwest Cypher [Seattle, WA]: Friday, August 26, Showbox SODO
National Final [Los Angeles, CA]: Saturday, September 17, Eden Hollywood
Camp [New York, NY]: Thursday, November 10 – Saturday, November 12, Capitale
World Final [New York, NY] November 12, Hammerstein Ballroom

All Star Tour:
Austin, TX: August 6 – 7
New York City: August 10 – 11
Philadelphia, PA August 12 – 13
Orlando, FL: August 12 – 13
Northeast/Collegiate All Star Tour Stops: August 18 – 20
Chicago, IL: August 23
Seattle, WA: August 25 – 26