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After a Georgia State Republican Congressman made lewd comments about Bronx rapper Cardi B on Monday (March 16th), female lawmakers filed a sexual harassment complaint to the state’s ethics committee.

According to Courthouse News, Representative Kasey Carpenter joked, “Is it not true this bill will provide safety measures to ensure that Cardi B’s backside implants will be safe and ensure a lifetime of effectiveness?”

Huh, weh?

Approximately twelve women in congress, led by Democratic Representative Jasmine Clark, congress aligned to make sure statements like that never happen again.

By the 17th, Carpenter issued an apology, but the women were not moved because of its lack of sincerity.

“While I accept my colleague’s apology, I also feel it is important to formalize our complaint,” Clark said. “If I throw a plate against the wall, an apology may be appreciated, but it doesn’t fix the plate. We need to do the work to actually fix what is broken.”

Representative Shelly Hutchinson also tweeted, “How many apologies do we have to accept before we are given a basic level of respect?” 

“I never thought after I was elected by my constituents that I would be here asking for safety in the workplace.”

Sexism within the state’s politics is historically systemic. Currently, in the Georgia General Assembly, there are 78 women in their 236-seat legislative branch.

Georgia Democratic Representative Beth Moore notes that even down to how they are treated in personal matters like using the bathroom, women experience discrimination.

“Women and children are often an afterthought at the Capitol if they’re thought of at all, other than when it comes to passing legislation controlling pregnant women’s bodies,” she told Courthouse News. 

“We’re here to do serious work for the people of Georgia, and we do have a lot of fun with it,” she said, “but we can also do it without making women feel like unwanted guests in their own home.”