This is the 2nd EP from New York emcee/producer Roga Raph. Getting his start in the spring of 2015 off his full-length debut Visionary Shift, he would go on to follow this up in the form of his next couple albums Nostalgiks & Current-Space respectively. Raph even put out his very first EP Passing Momentsover a couple years ago & is looking to return by coming from an introspective approach on We’ll See.

“dontwannarun” has an aggressively psychedelic trap instrumental to set off the EP admitting having the desire to not run away from the problems anymore whereas “SeeingThru” works in some pianos this time around looking to trick them real good. “Up & Away” goes for a more chopped & screwed vibe paying homage it’s origins in Houston just before “LevelUp” pulls inspiration from jazz music with the beat talking about his elevation.

The song “Peace” shoots for a sample-based sound pleading for freedom of any disturbance whatsoever that is until the luscious boom bap joint “So It Seems” sheds light on the various illusions that blind us from experiencing life in its truest form. The title track ends the EP focusing on the subject of sacrifice & a wavier flare instrumentally.

If anyone reading this enjoys artists like Fly Anakin alongside Maxo or even CJ Fly from the Pro Era, then you’re gonna want to give Roga a shot because We’ll See has to be the strongest project throughout all 3 LPs & the couplet of EPs that he’s given us in the span of almost a decade at this point. The self-production is the catchiest batch he’s ever cooked up on top of him profoundly hoping that it’ll get listeners thinking about their own lives.

Score: 8/10