Born in Los Angeles and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Intre weaves hard-hitting street reality raps with motivational get it out the mud business talk. An artist of Mexican, Jamaican and Italian descent, Intre has a unique yet familiar approach to Hip Hop, an aggressively fluid flow and an ear for top tier boom bap production. He has shared the stage with some of Hip Hop’s best MCs such as JID, Skyzoo, Crimeapple and more, as well as collaborating on wax with some of the Hip Hop undergrounds best.

Intre’s latest release “Throwaway Burners, Vol. 3” perfectly captures both his past experiences and hunger to climb the ranks as a MC. The opening track “Liberator” produced by Murk Russell sets the tone for the project. Intre tells his origin story detailing how he almost lost everything in the streets over a dark, piano laced soundscape. While he revisits his LA roots sonically on “Blood On My Hands,” channeling inspiration from the likes of Kid Frost. The Austin Terrell produced track showcases his sense of urgency to make it in this business by any means. Another highlight on the album is the HeemB$F assisted track “Clientele,” an ode to the hustler’s ambition.

If you are a fan of grimy reality rap and redemption, I highly recommend you check out Intre’s catalogue, while “Throwaway Burners, Vol. 3” may be his best work yet. Intre is steadily climbing and ready to break out into the national underground scene. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @intreago as well as click the link in his bio to check out his previous works, music videos and other content!