Rapper Saweetie is an artist who has tackled a plethora of roles throughout her life. 

She has been a daughter, a student, a professor, a rapper, a model, a producer, a video gamer, a girlfriend to a top rapper, and a businesswoman. 

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, the rap star revealed there was one profession she never had a chance to take on like some men in her family.

The rapper wanted to throw on some pads, cleats, and helmets on the gridiron.

Jared Quay interviewed the “My Type” chart-topper and he brought up her history with America’s favorite pastime.

He said, “You got some in your bloodline. Your grandfather Willie Harper was a 49ers linebacker for ten years. Your dad played college football. So, what’s the first sport you remember playing as a kid?”

Without any hesitation, she answered, “Football.”

“Well, I wanted to play,” Saweetie confessed. “When I was a sophomore in high school, they were trying to make me play for the team because they saw me throw a football in PE. But my grandmother wouldn’t let me play, because she was afraid that I was going to get hit too hard.”

While we would have loved to see her toss the pigskin, the thought of her getting hit will drive fans insane.

So, Saweetie is making moves off the field, helping athletes through her new partnership with clothing brand Champion as the first-ever Global Culture Consultant of Champion. 

Saweetie appears in the new “Get it Girl” campaign for Champion, which highlights 12 female college athletes with the “confidence to play by their own rules and look good doing it.” 

“I couldn’t be prouder to help all my sporty-icy girls out there feel empowered with self-love and confidence. When you feel good wearing Champion, the sky’s the limit,” Saweetie said.