GloRilla is giving a Maryland reverend props after he used her lyrics to “Yeah Glo!” in a recent sermon.

See Preacher Use GloRilla’s ‘Yeah Glo’ Lyrics in Sermon, She Responds

On Tuesday (March 5), Baltimore, Md. Reverend Melech E.M. Thomas delivered a sermon to his congregation at the Payne Memorial A.M.E. Chuch, and continuously cited Glo’s influence throughout, calling the Memphis rapper a gospel artist.

“My love for preaching has always been influenced by the similarities between Black preachers and rappers,” the reverend wrote in his caption. “From content, delivery, stage presence, and, sometimes, even the message. @glorillapimp consistently puts out affirming and inspirational lyrical content and…consistently, her lyrics find their way into my sermons.”

He continued, “This small clip from Sunday’s sermon speaks to how quickly God can ‘spin the block’ on you, using a bar from Big Glo’s song ‘Tomorrow 2’! I hope that this serves as a reminder that no matter how rough your day may end, you can always fall in love with your Tomorrow!”

“C’mon look at your neighbor and say, ‘Yeah Glo!'” he added in the actual sermon.

GloRilla offered her approval of these song interpretations and shared the reverend’s clip on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“PREACH ! Yeah Glo,” the rapper wrote below.

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GloRilla Responds to Fans After Video of Her Nip Slip Goes Viral

This sermon serves as a good boost for the “Tomorrow 2” rapper, who was recently dealing with the fallout of accidentally exposing herself on Instagram Live on March 2. Big Glo was in bed chatting with her supporters on Instagram Live when she accidentally exposed a nipple. Since then, a clip of her nip slip has gone viral on social media.

Glo eventually responded after a clip of the incident went viral.

“Let me tell ya somethin’,” she said in a video that emerged on social media. “Stop acting like y’all are so muthaf**kin’ amazed by a nipple,” Glo said. “Baby, ain’t it s**t but a nipple.”

She concluded that people needed to “calm down” and carry on.

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