One of the most laid-back and feel-good vibes of 2021 so far came out in the form of an EP titled Reflections by songwriter-producer Seekay. The release is home to 6 tracks, all spreading artsy dreaminess. The songs are overflowing in spiritually awakening energy, atmospheric, polished soundscapes blending various tunes into a mindblowing melodicism. Seekay’s gorgeous poetry layered over hypnotically enchanting sounds, usually in the minor key, does magic. Reflections frees your soul and mind of everything that holds it back from a sense of complete liberation and enjoyment. Seekay’s music is like a dream within a dream as Edgar Allan Poe would describe the special state of mind, an energy that is also found in Seekay’s style. Considering that an important source of his inspiration among many others is art itself including music, plays, poems, and paintings, it makes total sense that his music sounds so wise, inspiring, and sometimes tragically beautiful.