The 21-year-old rapper and artist manager Rowe Rowe is the face of hip-hop’s new generation bringing to the scene joy, struggle, and perseverance through his music. The rising up-and-coming artist dedicated his music to overwriting the dominant themes of violence and sexism in modern rap culture. The music he produces is complex in its interpretations of contemporary American mythology, viewing it through the lens of modern city life. Rowe Rowe displays socially-cognizant lyrics, delivering them through seductive melodies. His main source of inspiration is the hip-hop genre’s huge focus on struggle and oppression. The artist is interested in exploring modern American life, studying escapism and the empowerment of its culture. 

Recently, Rowe Rowe dropped a Spotify playlist, Chill Vibes, consisting of 431 tracks from different emerging artists. He announced a call for song submissions and was positively surprised to get so many responses mentioning, “The talent that came across in my DM was amazing and honestly so many talented producers, songwriters, and artists. I am always receiving DMs on Instagram from the upcoming talent and always take a listen; you never know what you will come across. I encourage fellow A&Rs to do the same; you never know who is in your messages and the magic you can create with them.” Rowe Rowe genuinely believes that artists have to collaborate and support each other to create better music, and he does exactly that, helping others gain exposure too by being featured on his Chill Vibes.