Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith has declared that Diddy‘s career is over following video footage from 2016 coming out of Puff brutally assaulting former girlfriend Cassie.

Stephen A. Smith Says Diddy’s Career Is Over

Stephen A. Smith, host of ESPN’s First Take, sounded off on Diddy and the recently released video on Friday (May 17) during an episode on his YouTube show, The Stephen A. Smith Show. In the 14-minute clip, which Stephen A. has titled, “Diddy Assault Video: Absolutely disgusting!” he vividly describes what can be seen in the footage, first released by CNN earlier today.

“I want to declare, right here, over these digital airwaves of YouTube that the career of Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs as we know it, is over,” Stephen A. began. “This s**t is over. It’s over in the worst possible way. One of the worst possible ways that you can imagine.”

He continued, “I have the video right in front of me. We can’t show it to you. But I’m watching this with the sound off as we speak. She’s walking down the hallway in a hoodie, y’all. Clearly tryna sneak out of the hotel room. We see him come sprinting down the hallway in just a towel. That’s it. He goes up to her, snatches her by the neck, yanks her to the ground. She lays there, still. OK? I’m looking at the video while I’m talking to you. He snatches her by the neck. Unless this is some look-a-like. Unless this is some clone. Unless this is somebody from Mission Impossible, like Tom Cruise, wearing somebody else’s face, looking exactly like them when it ain’t them at all.”

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Stephen A. Smith Compares Diddy Assault Video to Former NFL Player Ray Rice Abuse Incident

Stephen A. Smith went on to liken the video of Diddy brutally and viciously assaulting Cassie to former NFL player Ray Rice, who was also captured in elevator surveillance footage punching and dragging his fiancée in 2013. This was shortly after the NFL season had ended.

“Ladies and gentleman, I cover sports, primarily,” Stephen A. expressed. “That’s my day job. Remember Ray Rice? Remember what happened? Late 2014 when his girl was in the elevator and she either shoved him or hit him and then he check-left-hooked her? And hit her, and knocked her face into the bar inside the elevator? She hit her head to it and then she laid on the floor, unconscious? In the elevator, straight up, knocked out.”

He added, “This video, allegedly, supposedly, presumably, seemingly, whatever word’s appropriate, with P. Diddy, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, this is worse.”

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Video Footage Comes Out of Diddy Physically Abusing Cassie

This afternoon, shocking video footage of Diddy kicking, dragging and yanking Cassie by her neck was shared by CNN. This comes months after Cassie accused Puff of rape and sexual assault in a lawsuit back in November, which was settled the next day.

Cassie lawsuit was followed by a federal raid at Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami.

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See Stephen A. Smith declare Diddy’s career is over in the video below.

Stephen A. Smith Says Diddy’s Career Is Finished

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