(AllHipHop News) 

Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Shekinah J. Anderson are now the subjects of a new defamation, slander, and libel suit levied by Sabrina Peterson, the woman that accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head.

McNeill, Wyatt, Purcell & Diggs, and T. A. Blackburn Law filed the lawsuit today against the trio. Attorney Tyrone Blackburn made the first revelation of the suit earlier today in a press conference, but the filing had yet to be formally made.

The parties made their claim in a statement that was released widely to the press.

“Defamation, slander and libel all carry legal action which Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs together with T.A. Blackburn Law intend to litigate to the fullest extent on behalf of our client, Ms. Peterson.  A person’s choice of words, especially, words from public figures with millions of followers on social media, causes and has caused Ms. Peterson to suffer internal scars.  These salacious words may not have caused physical harm but they did destroy Ms. Peterson’s soul, reputation and causes irreparable harm to her business and her brand. T.I., Tiny nor Ms. Jones can unring that bell.”

At press time, T.I., Tiny nor their lawyer had a response, but they did offer a broad reply earlier in the dy.

Steve Sadow, counsel for the Harrises, said the following:

“I understand that at a virtual press conference today, attorney Blackburn claimed the Harrises reached out to him through me to supposedly make a deal. That is patently false. I reached out to see if he would share any information since his name was posted on Instagram as the attorney for Sabrina Peterson. Blackburn repeatedly refused to provide the names of his accuser-clients or any corroborating or supporting evidence of his groundless claims. The Harrises repeat that they are confident if a thorough and fair investigation is conducted, no charges will be brought.”

Peterson made her initial claim against T.I. and his wife Tiny on January 26 through her Instagram platform.