MF DOOM’s widow reportedly corroborated one of Talib Kweli’s allegations against Now-Again Records founder Eothen “Egon” Alapatt.

According to TMZ, the late rapper’s widow Jasmine Dumile said Egon refuses to return her husband’s rhyme book. Dumile recalled multiple attempts to regain possession of the rhyme book. The recovery efforts began before MF DOOM passed away in 2020.

“We had hoped after DOOM transitioned Egon would do the right thing and return the books to the family but he has continued to ignore these requests,” Dumile told TMZ. “Unfortunately, Egon is not the only former associate abusing the likeness, art and life’s work of DOOM.”

Last week, Kweli accused Madlib’s longtime business partner Egon of stealing the rhyme book. It was one of several allegations listed in an Instagram post, which described Egon as a “culture vulture.”

“All I want to know is why Egon stole MF DOOM rhyme book and refuses to give it back to DOOM family, even after MF DOOM passed away,” Kweli wrote. “MF DOOM officiated this mans wedding FOR FREE, but then later stopped rocking with him because of his devil ways.”

Kweli also claimed Egon tried to block the release of Black Star’s latest album No Fear of Time, which was produced by Madlib.

Read all of Talib Kweli’s accusations below.

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