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Rap star Tekashi 69 bragged that he is worth about $20 million – and now he may have to give up a big chunk of that fortune. 

Tekashi 69, real name Daniel Hernandez, is facing a big legal problem over his hit single “GOOBA.” 

That is because producer BEATDEMONS claims the Brooklyn rapper stole his track 2015 “Regular” and turned it into “GOOBA,” reports TMZ.com.

“GOOBA” has racked up 700 million views on YouTube and has been certified platinum and went to #1 on Billboard’s Streaming Chart. 

 BEATDEMONS is asking for a judge to give him all of the profits Tekashi 69 earned from “GOOBA.” 

The news comes on the heels of Tekashi 69 declaring his net worth was over $20 million as he flaunted his massive new diamond chains, his watches, and a fleet of luxury cars. 

“I don’t even gotta trip about money and all that cuz I got more money than a n####. Look at my lineup. Look at these watches. This is $250,000 to a $1 million a pop n####, look, I don’t gotta fake front for you n#####. These all my s####, these all my cars,” the rap star bragged. 

In addition to the “GOOBA” lawsuit, 

Tekashi 69 is being sued for failing to pay a security company called Metropolitan Patrol for $75,000 worth of services they provided in 2018.

Tekashi 69 is also being sued by Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt, who claims he hasn’t paid his tab for $66,000 worth of legal work. 

The law firm was attempting to defend the rapper in a $150 million lawsuit filed by two people who were victimized by the rapper during his 2018 reign of terror around New York City with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.