Diddy‘s Harlem charter school Capital Prep is severing ties with the embattled music mogul, and parents, students and former employees are calling the school a disaster.

Diddy’s Harlem School Reportedly a Disaster

On Friday (March 15), The Cut published an extensive report detailing the disaster and dysfunction of Diddy’s Harlem charter school Capital Prep, which the mogul opened in 2016. Fourteen individuals, including students, parents and former employees, described the school, located in East Harlem, N.Y. one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, as having frequent violence and a high turnover rate. Not to mention, Diddy has allegedly barely been involved with the school aside from the occasional photo op.

“He was supposed to be an inspiration to those children, coming from what you might consider the hood—and he was not,” a parent said.

There reportedly hasn’t been a full teaching staff for the entirety of its tenure, with students sometimes not getting taught subjects for months. They are instead found loitering in the lunch room. Parents claim they weren’t informed about a bedbug outbreak, and said police were often called on students who broke the school’s uniform policy.

Capital Prep currently serves 500 students in grades six through 12, the majority of them Black from low-income families.

XXL has reached out to Diddy’s team for comment.

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Diddy Spotted Out and About For First Time Since Lawsuits

The latest bit of bad press to befall the music mogul comes after Diddy and his sons Justin and Christian were spotted out in public on Sunday (March 6). Diddy was captured on video by paparazzi as he left a restaurant in Los Angeles. In the video, Puff is seen smiling as he leaves the restaurant with his sons in tow. The group get into an awaiting SUV as photogs get flash photos, but Diddy doesn’t speak.

The Bad Boy Entertainment founder is currently facing multiple lawsuits alleging abuse and sexual assault.

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