Kanye West has fired influencer YesJulz from his team and is reportedly suing her for allegedly violating her NDA.

Who Is YezJulz and Why Was She Fired?

YesJulz is a popular social media personality and talent manager who has been working closely with Ye on the rollout for his new album Vultures 1. The confusing debacle began to unfold on Tuesday (March 12) on Ye’s Instagram Stories, where he unexpectedly wrote, “We have decided to no longer have YesJulz involved in the roll out of Vultures. All the activity on her page and with our fans in the past few days has been unauthorized.”

The firing was surprising considering how closely the influencer documented Ye’s lengthy rollout of Vultures 1, capturing the entirety of his notorious Las Vegas listening party on Instagram Live, where Ye went on a lengthy rant targeting Jay-Z, Drake and numerous others.

Shortly after Ye’s announcement on his Instagram, an e-mail presumably written by Yeezy chief of staff Milo Yiannopoulos leaked on X, formerly known as Twitter. The e-mail appeared to be sent to YesJulz, whose real name is Julieanna Goddard.

“Dear Ms. Goddard, enclosed please find a letter and statement of account from your time with Yeezy. Fines incurred to date as a result of your NDA violations come to $7.7m,” it read. “While you were a contractor, I suspended enforcement of this debt. It now falls due. Hassan from the compliance team will reach out with information about payment. Please note that any further violations will accrue more fine. Because you are being terminated for cause but also because you forgot to sign your contract your termination is effective immediately.”

A follow-up e-mail from Yiannopoulos said, “Obviously, you are fired.”

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How Did YesJulz Allegedly Violate Her NDA?

YesJulz’s NDA violation appears to have occurred during a Twitter Spaces conversation Julz had with numerous Ye’s fan accounts. The influencer attempted to get fans interested in working with her in developing a “Yeezy Universe” app for free, saying she’d reward them with virtual money. Julz then admitted none of these ideas had been approved by Ye, but said the Vultures 1 creator, “sees and hears everything. He knows how active you’ve been. I know sometimes it might feel like you might be working all day, every day, and you’re work is not being seen or recognized.”

While Julz wrote on X after the broadcast that she felt “inspired,” the reaction among Ye’s fanbase was divided, with some claiming the influencer was trying to convince Kanye’s supporters to work as part of a “pyramid scheme.”

YesJulz then pushed back on her firing on X writing, “F**k an NDA. Sue Me,” before sharing an alleged text conversation between her and Milo Yiannopoulos that showed the far-right commentator referring to Ye’s biggest fans as having “developmental disorders” such as Down syndrome.




However, some of Ye’s fans have appeared to be in support of the influencer’s exile, with some trolls apparently sending her a fake e-mail posing as Yiannopoulos. The e-mail read, “Ye and I have been listening to your current twitter spaces. We are willing to meet and reconsider next steps and with your future with YZY and as a contractor.”

“Call me Ye,” Julz wrote on X alongside a screenshot of the fake e-mail. “Always here for YOU.”

XXL has reached out to YesJulz and Milo Yiannopoulos for further comment.

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