Pat Stay says The Game needs to stop “desperately begging” Eminem to battle him and face a challenge from a real battle rapper instead. 

The Canadian spitter, a battle rap legend in his own right, took to Instagram on Tuesday morning (Aug. 16) to call out the Compton legend, telling him if he’s so “eager” to battle a white boy, come see him to “prove” his rapping credentials. He shared a photo of the “Eazy” rapper with the famous line from Eminem’s “Stan,” and took to the caption to challenge Eminem.  

He said while he’s a fan of The Game, he’s struggled to watch him “desperately begging” for Em’s attention in an attempt to battle him. “Trust me, I respect the hunger,” he added. The Game has spent months on Eminem’s neck and dropped “The Black Slim Shady,” a reported diss track, last week. While he acknowledged the Detroit icon is one of the “great emcees,” Game said Em was cherry-picked by the industry “machine,” and isn’t a better rapper than him; Em just sold more records.  

In contrast, The Game said “I was TOO REAL, TOO UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK,” for the labels and “cut the puppet strings” early in his career.  

According to Pat Stay, “once you start that whole ‘he only blew up because he’s white’ type sh*t it comes off more haterish than competitive.” 

He continued and said he would even battle The Game in his own city. “You seem very eager to battle. Specifically a “white boy”. Well why don’t you do a real battle and come see me. We can do it in LA.  

Pat Stay Says The Game Would Be The “Underdog” In This Fight

Pat Stay then conceded, “you’re way bigger than me in the music world,” before adding, “but in the battle world you’re the underdog, by a long shot. We can put whatever up too.” He then told The Game he should join the other famous rappers who “jumped in the ring to solidify their positions as lyricists and real MC’s.”  

He concluded by saying, “So bring it. I’m that white boy you need to see first. If you don’t respond to this, you’re scared……Just like you’re tryna say bout Em.” 

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Many of Pat Stay’s peers hopped in the comments section to have their say. Tay Roc, Arsonal Da Rebel, Eazy The Block Captain, Real Deal, and many others lent their support to the call out.  

The Game has yet to respond and is busy promoting his new album Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind which he hailed as “the best rap album out right now.” 

Pat Stay could have the support of one of his fellow countrymen and superstar rapper, Drake. The Toronto native is a fan and selected him as one of the emcees on his joint event with the Ultimate Rap League last year.

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