Tory Lanez was handcuffed and detained for violating a protective order in his ongoing criminal case involving Megan Thee stallion.

Tory was in court today( April 5th ) for a hearing involving his felony assault case, where he is accused of shooting Megan in the feet after a party and the Hollywood Hills in July of 2020.

A judge ruled that Tory Lanez violated a gag order put in place last February of 2021, barring him from speaking about the situation with Megan.

The judge said Tory violated the protective order when he addressed the situation on his Twitter account this past February.

A back and forth broke out after another hearing related to the case. Megan Thee Stallion blasted an erroneous report by DJ Akademiks, who claimed Tory’s DNA was not found on a weapon.

Megan Thee Stallion replied after the report gained steam around the internet. The Houston rapper posted text messages from Tory Lanez, who appeared to be apologizing to her after the altercation.

That is when Tory replied, “Good Dick had me f###### 2 best friends and I got caught… that’s what I apologized 4… It’s sick how u Spun it tho.”

That simple explicative-filled tweet was enough to land Tory Lanes in the crosshair of the judge, who ordered the rapper held on $350,000 bail today.

Prosecutors also were concerned. Tory Lanez’s legal team was feeding information to DJ Akademiks. Tory’s lawyer Shawn Holly denied the leaks were coming from anyone on her team.

Tory Lanez is reportedly gathering the $350,000 bail as of press time. But for now, he remains in the custody of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.