Travis Scott made daughter Stormi’s wishes comes true this week, by buying her a yellow school bus.

The unusual purchase was revealed by Travis’ on-off girlfriend Kylie Jenner on Instagram.

She shared snaps of the three-year-old with her hand tenderly on the vehicle, as well as standing among the numerous seats inside.

“All Stormi has been talking about is riding a big yellow bus. Daddy surprised her,” Kylie wrote on her Instagram Story.

News of the rapper’s big purchase comes amid claims he and Kylie are expecting their second child together.

It was reported last week that Kylie is pregnant again, with rumors swirling that she’ll use the Met Gala next month to reveal her burgeoning baby bump.

Stormi is lucky to have her own bus.

School districts nationwide are dealing with a shortage of school bus drivers to shuttle kids back and forth to school, due to the pandemic, while online shopping has caused many to choose delivering packages over delivering kids, due to the high risk of catching the coronavirus, as districts fight over mask mandates.

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Stormi gets a yellow school bus for her birthday,eyebrows raised at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story
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