First of all, I cannot bring myself to hate this Super Bowl event coming up. Rihanna has not dropped a hit on use in a very long time, but she has hits. Anyway, they are running commercials now, so you know its about to be super lit! Anyway, I am hoping that she does break out a new song or announces a new album.


Jay knows all the heavy hitters! BUT, is Saweetie one of them? I never knew that relationship was so solid. The rumor on the streets is that she’s going to play some role in the Super Bowl. As you know, the big game is the biggest in the USA and one of the biggest in the world. That said…we know that Saweetie’s last album bricked. I ain’t a hater so I did not make fun it it. The reality is, I could have sold more records than the Cali rapper.

I wonder if she is plugged into Roc Nation somehow now? It sure makes sense. She’s a super star. And she’s got a lot in the tank. With Jay-Z and Roc Nation behind her, she cannot be beat! Look at what they did with Megan Thee Stallion! This is just talk, but I am glad to see this rumor.