(AllHipHop News) Looking for 21 Savage got producer Young Chop a free trip to the slammer. The Chicago native was arrested for reckless conduct on Monday April 6 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. 

The rapper and 21 Savage engaged in a war of words over social media and it lead to Young Chop hopping in an Uber on Sunday to find his adversary. During the run, Chop told his following that somebody he didn't know shot at him while he was in the Uber. To prove this, he offered visuals of shattered glass in the car. 

The arrest presumably stems from the rapper getting in an Uber on Sunday (April 5) to find 21 Savage after exchanging words with him on social media. In the midst of Chop's search around the Atlanta area, he revealed on Instagram Live that he was shot at by an unspecified number of people, who pulled up on the side of his Uber. The producer also showed footage of the car's shattered glass and boasted about being unharmed.

In the arrest document, obtained by XXL mag, the situation played out in a manner that could've gotten the producer murdered.

"Chop is cited as calling the Uber and after making a stop at a Quick Mart location, he requested to go to an apartment complex that he did not know the address to. Upon arrival at the residence, Chop exited the vehicle. He returned shortly after, instructing the driver to take him back home. The producer then asked the driver to stop the vehicle and got out of the car, later engaging in a heated verbal altercation with an unknown man. At that point, Chop brandished a semiautomatic black handgun during the argument. Chop went back into the Uber, which was later followed by a black four door sedan driving at high speed.

The report details that Chop retrieved his gun from inside his pocket. Then the sedan began shooting at the Uber Chop was in. Bullets hit the car's front panel, the driver's rear door, the driver's side rear panel and shattered the driver side rear door window."

Chop tried to follow the car, but he and the Uber driver were unsuccessful. 

Chop agreed to pay damages to the Uber driver's repair fees.

Chop continues to diss rappers.